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testimonialsThe Martial Arts have emphasized three important concepts for me: Setting the Example, Love of Family, and Never Quitting.

The Martial Arts have helped me to set a good example for others and to be a better father. This training has allowed me to get in the trenches, on the mat, side by side, not only with my children but also with other students and to experience this journey first hand. I feel what they feel. To me, this is leadership by example. ...continued



testimonialsMy 3 kids are in the after school program where they finish homework, take class, hang out with friends and enjoy their "second family". There are so many new and exciting things for the kids to do, as BBA teaches traditional and extreme martial arts as well as weapons, kick boxing and a variety of other classes. Bottom line is that the kids never get bored. ...continued



testimonialsThey are all to be commended for their work with our children and adults for their tireless efforts to train and build character. Their program not only teaches karate techniques that are superb, but instills confidence and superb character to all their students."

- Gary Valentine




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